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Lost in the Development Jungle?

FTL is your guide through

Developing software can be like being lost in the jungle. There is a way out, and we’ll help you find it.

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We will help you explore your needs, understand your technical options, and decide what to develop and how. Begin with the end in mind.


We’re specialists in creating Minimum Viable Products. Create something you can run with in days not weeks or months. Fail fast.


We’ll help you conduct and evaluate the results of your experiments, and then take it to the next step of development. Knowledge is power.

About FTL

FTL stands for “Faster Than Light.” You need fast. Why? If it takes six months or a year to come up with your MVP (minimum viable product) it could already be too late. We’re here to ensure you’re able to start testing your assumptions in days, not months.

Most consultants are seagulls: they fly in, make a lot of noise, dump on everyone, then fly out. We’re elves. When you wake up the product you were going to build anyway is already done.



Spend a day or more with us and discuss your development priorities and challenges. We’ll help you refine your ideas, test your business model, and understand your options.

Create a solid technical plan that’s cheap, fast and most of all lean.


Hire us to create your minimum viable product. We’ll give you something you can test, gather data with, or use as a proof of concept. You won’t believe how quick it is.

The best way to know if your idea will work is to build it and see.


Perhaps it’s too late. Perhaps you already have a software project that’s on its last legs. And you’re left with a pile of code and developers that won’t return your calls.

Let us take a look. We’re great bringing projects back from the dead.

Our Latest

Granny Style Free Throws and Being Uncool

I was listening to This American Life the other day and I heard a fascinating story, told by Malcolm Gladwell. The story concerned Wilt Chamberlain, and his legendary 100 point game. I would be surprised if you hadn’t heard about this game at some point. It’s one of...

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Opiate Addiction and Lenin Turning into a Mushroom

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you read the title and you’re wondering what on earth opiate addiction (heroin, oxycontin, morphine, etc.) has to do with Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union. Well stick with me and I’ll explain everything. Let’s start...

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Long-Term Outlook

If you read the Lean Startup you may have noticed a section at the end where Eric Ries talked about creating a Long Term Stock Exchange (LTSE), something that would help free companies from the short term focus of quarterly reports and give them the time necessary to...

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Zuckerberg’s password was what?!?

As I have frequently said in this space you should be experimenting with things, and so I’m going to experiment with my writing style a little bit in the next few weeks. To start with I thought I’d experiment with keeping things shorter and a little bit more light...

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Lean Experimentation and Antifragility

We haven’t mentioned Lean Experimentation in this space for a while, though with only a tiny amount of imagination, it’s possible to see that it’s been there all along, experimentation just being one more way of exposing yourself to positive Black Swans, and...

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Do More Deals

In my last blog post I talked about doing a lot of deals, and mentioned that it was a concept that deserved a blog post all it’s own. Well, while the ideas are fresh, I thought I’d do just that. This was all part of the idea of farming Black Swans, and I think that...

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